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We work with you. Whether you are starting from scratch or working with an architect or want to use one of our designs. We offer custom modifications to any of our designs, or we can work with you to create a custom design from "scratch."


We will also work closely with your contractor and builders. We have a long list of people we have collaborated with over the years, so if you’re looking for a recommendation for a builder or an architect we are happy to provide one.



Sit down with us to discuss your vision.Whether it be a photograph, sketch or architectural plan,  we can make it a reality while keeping it within your budget. We will work closely with you to design and then execute a stunning Timberframe that will be standing for centuries to come.




Once a design has been solidified, the real fun can begin!

All of our frames are hand cut in our Caledon shop prior to being test fit, labelled and shipped to site. We take tremendous pride in our work and utilize traditional methods and joinery that have been around for centuries. Once a frame is delivered to site, it can typically be standing in under two weeks! 


Take a look at our design options. We can take or modify any floorplan and produce a complete working set of drawings including renderings, exterior elevations, and a 3D Timberframe model. This will give you a precise depiction of what the finished product will look like while providing ample opportunity for alterations, and adjustments along the way. We offer different packages including just the Timberframe structure, a fully enclosed shell, or complete turn-key builds.

4. LIVE IT. 

A timber frame home is a thing of great beauty and soul. Efficiency, adaptability and integrity, bring together the best of a thousand years of craft and heritage with the cutting edge of modern building science. Contact us to book a tour of one of our homes today!

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